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For individuals injured or held liable in a car accident, speaking with an auto accident lawyer is extremely important. The Law Offices of J. Kenneth Kruvant has provided affordable, competent, and quality legal representation in Washington, DC, since 1970. We also offer a different means for resolving problems known as mediation, so you can avoid court all together in most cases. We will let you know what your options are and guide you every step of the way.

Our team is available to defend your legal rights and assure you receive fair compensation that will be sufficient to cover any expenses incurred. You won’t owe any legal fees until we’ve reached a satisfactory settlement amount that will allow you to pay your medical bills and other costs. Schedule a consultation with us to get the compensation you deserve as soon as possible.

Auto Accident

Representation for Victims of Auto Accidents

When you’ve been injured in an accident and aren’t at fault, you shouldn’t have to pay for anything including medical bills, missed work, or damaged property. In these situations, having an auto accident attorney to assist you is invaluable. At the Law Offices of J. Kenneth Kruvant, we’re knowledgeable and experienced in personal injury cases, so you can depend on us to push your insurance claim along. Our team provides support to the Washington, DC, area, so you can get convenient representation that will make sure your best interests are taken care of. We fight to protect your rights, and reach a settlement that will allow you to cover your expenses.

We pay so much money towards our car insurance policy, and we rely on it to provide assistance in case of emergency. Unfortunately, receiving the money that is owed to you can be difficult to do because claims can be denied or approved for less than you need. If you have been in an accident, insurance companies need to be kept responsible for compensation. We recommend that you sign up for a consultation with our accident attorney attorney as soon as possible, so you can get the most out of your coverage.


Why Hire Our Lawyer After an Auto Wreck?

Law Offices of J. Kenneth Kruvant provides comprehensive legal representation for personal injury cases involving auto wrecks in Washington, DC. Legal issues can be confusing and overwhelming when you go at it alone, so don’t hesitate to speak to a knowledgeable attorney. Our experience and track record assures our clients that they will get solid representation in all of their proceedings. In cases where you’re liable in the case of a car accident, it’s critical that you get the best legal representation possible. We aim to help you in the case of state charges of negligence and victim’s civil suits. We help to provide comprehensive and professional legal representation for anyone who needs it.

If you do have to be reimbursed for costs which are related to your car accident, keep in mind that you have to file a claim with your insurance company in a timely manner. It’s also important to let the other driver know. Our team can help take your claim to court or simply help you file all the proper paperwork on time. Consult with our auto accident lawyer today.


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Chris F.

After my accident it was obvious that I needed a personal injury lawyer. I was not comfortable simply calling the “injury hotline,” so I asked the attorney who handled my will, trusts, and estate affairs for a referral. He recommended Ken.

Ken and David were always there to answer my questions, even after hours. Their dealings with multiple insurance companies, not to Blue Cross and Medicare, left me feeling very fortunate with my decision to choose Ken. The process took some time but in the end the settlement was much more than I anticipated.

It’s been almost a year since my settlement and during that time I’ve provided two friends who needed of a PI lawyer with Ken’s phone number.

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