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The Law Offices of J. Kenneth Kruvant is experienced in physician malpractice claims. We can help you determine whether or not malpractice occurred. Doctors and other health-care providers must meet a certain standard of care when treating their patients.

Physician malpractice occurs when a physician, nurse, or member of their staff fails to properly diagnose or treat a medical condition. This negligent act or omission may result in injury or death to the patient. To determine if medical negligence occurred, a medical expert must be retained. This expert must be well qualified to give a medical opinion and is normally board certified in the relevant field of medicine.

Proving physician malpractice can be complicated and is vigorously defended by insurance companies. It is crucial to team up with a law firm that has the experience and proven track record in physician malpractice claims. Your case will receive the immediate attention and commitment required. Trust a lawyer with a proven track record to get the full compensation that you or your loved one deserves.

Medical Law

Dedicated Physician Malpractice Representation

  • Health Care Neglect & Negligence
  • Treatment & Surgical Errors
  • Negligent Follow-Up Care
  • Emergency & Critical Care Injuries
  • Misdiagnosis

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Chris F.

After my accident it was obvious that I needed a personal injury lawyer. I was not comfortable simply calling the “injury hotline,” so I asked the attorney who handled my will, trusts, and estate affairs for a referral. He recommended Ken.

Ken and David were always there to answer my questions, even after hours. Their dealings with multiple insurance companies, not to Blue Cross and Medicare, left me feeling very fortunate with my decision to choose Ken. The process took some time but in the end the settlement was much more than I anticipated.

It’s been almost a year since my settlement and during that time I’ve provided two friends who needed of a PI lawyer with Ken’s phone number.

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